Unleashing Breakthroughs in Leadership & Life
Powered By Breakthrough Biodynamics™

Unleashing Breakthroughs in Leadership & Life

We are a global ethical enterprise with a singular purpose: To harness the power of our Breakthrough Biodynamics™ methodology and philosophy to equip individuals and leaders with everything they need to consciously and continuously break through the challenges they face, effortlessly and elegantly, and so bring to life projects that ensure everyone thrives.

Switch On Leadership: Everything Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Teams Need To Drive Continuous Breakthroughs

Equip your leaders and teams with the skills and qualities then need to drive breakthroughs in products, processes and people.

Join organizations like Nike, Intel, Unilever, Genentech, Smucker’s, Oxfam, WWF, Novartis and many and unleash breakthroughs with our leadership and team development programs, covering critical themes for success like purpose, presence, innovation, strategy, storytelling, influence and collaboration.

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Your 80-page guide to leading breakthrough projects and disruptive innovations in any field of human endeavor.

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Book Breakthrough Innovation Leadership

"You get a lot in a little."

CEO, Global Non-Profit

Nick Seneca Jankel & Alison Seneca McAulay: Pioneers unifying science & wisdom to drive breakthroughs.

All our work is powered by Breakthrough Biodynamics™, a revolutionary new theory, process and toolkit to enable continuous breakthroughs in leadership and life pieced together over two decades of dedicated research and practice.

"Inspiring and enlightening!"

Switch On Life: Everything You Need To Thrive In Love, Life & Parenting

Breakthrough Biodynamics™ – delivered through coaching, healing, workshops, meditation, dance, teaching or talks – has the power to unleash breakthroughs in everyone.

Join tens of thousands of people all over the world and harness our transformational experiences to ensure you thrive.

"Transcendent and transformational."

Participant, Switched On Dance

Free Downloads: 3 Powerful, Professional Switch On Meditations

Meditations designed and performed by Nick Seneca Jankel. Originally commissioned by the BBC and listened to over 100,000 times!

Breakthrough Biodynamics™: A Revolutionary Brain-Based Framework for Creating, Leading and Sustaining Breakthroughs In Any Human Endeavor


It has taken us 25 years to formulate this pioneering integration of the latest human science with timeless wisdom and practical tools from strategy, marketing and entrepreneurship  - all focused on how to create and embed positive, transformational change.





"It has had a profound effect on me."

Chief Exec, RSA

The Book: Unleash Your Creativity and Thrive in Leadership and Life.

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