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We unleash breakthroughs in leaders and teams so they can continuously break through business problems that matter.

Join cutting-edge start-ups and amazing organizations like Nike, Intel, Unilever, Genentech, Oxfam and Novartis with our next-level leadership development and innovation programs.

"An amazing experience. Very, very good feedback from our leaders."

Fortune 50 Tech Company

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Your 80-page guide to leading breakthrough projects and disruptive innovations in any field of human endeavor.

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Book Breakthrough Innovation Leadership

"You get a lot in a little."

CEO, Global Non-Profit

Cutting-Edge Keynotes with Nick Jankel: Big Ideas, Big Heart, Big Impact


Join No.10 Downing Street, Yale, NHS, Fujitsu, The Economist, The Royal Bank of Scotland, The European Parliament, Aspen Ideas Festival, TEDx and many more to enjoy AH Ha! moments with Nick Seneca Jankel.

“Nick Jankel uses his unique voice & powerful insights to inspire wonder in work & play.”

Former Special Assistant to President Obama

Our Next-Level Leadership Development Curriculum

A series of modules that provide leaders with everything they need to consciously lead breakthrough change elegantly and effectively.
Born from our deep experience running major breakthrough projects for companies ranging from Microsoft to Diageo; combined with the real needs of the leaders we have worked with for two decades.


"Very relevant to our values and purpose and highlighted the importance of creativity within the working environment."


Team Building: Breakthrough Results From The Inside Out


We create tools and experiences that connect individuals together so that creativity and collaboration flow as a team.

Innovative Methodologies To Amplify & Accelerate Breakthroughs

Innovators ourselves, we have developed multiple breakthroughs in training methodologies and approaches that seek to optimize the impact of leadership work and coaching across the org and into the world.

Fast-Track Leadership Accelerator Programs


We design and facilitate short, focused accelerators that take leaders and their teams towards rapid personal and group breakthroughs within days.

"At the forefront of thinking about creativity and leadership."

European Commission

Unlock Breakthroughs Through Innovation & Collaboration


With our roots in innovation and strategy consulting, we leverage Breakthrough Biodynamics™ to ensure project leaders get the breakthroughs they are looking for.

"Extraordinary creativity and thought leadership in all things to do with innovation."

Chief Marketing Officer, Diageo

Want A Guaranteed Breakthrough? Book A Package of Executive Coaching Sessions

Whether you want to drive purpose into your business, take your organization exponential or solve a tricky challenge, Master Coach Nick Jankel and our network of experts can support you in person.

"The system has had the most profound effect on me and my life. I am astounded at the speed of change within myself."

Executive, National Health Service

Spread Breakthroughs With Our Peer Coaching System


Our pioneering peer-to-peer coaching system, underpinned by the rigor of Breakthrough Biodynamics™, provides teams everything they need to coach each other to breakthrough and beyond.


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Personal Leadership System Trial

"It has had a profound effect on me."

Chief Exec, RSA

The Book: Unleash Your Creativity and Thrive in Leadership and Life.

"Made me engage with the most creative, innovative, frustrating, productive, and unavoidable fears that a newborn idea (and its purpose) needs!"


The Switch On MBA: An Accelerator Program for Purpose-Driven & Conscious Entrepreneurs

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Ideas from our global network of cutting-edge leadership and innovation thinkers

Breakthrough Biodynamics™: A Revolutionary Brain-Based Framework for Creating, Leading and Sustaining Breakthroughs In Any Human Endeavor


It has taken us 25 years to formulate this pioneering integration of the latest human science with timeless wisdom and practical tools from strategy, marketing and entrepreneurship  - all focused on how to create and embed positive, transformational change.





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