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We Unleash Breakthroughs in Organizations, Leaders and Teams To Forge the Future of Their Industries. 

Join out-standing organizations like Nike, Intel, Unilever, Genentech, Oxfam and Novartis with our Next-Level leadership development, team building, breakthrough innovation and breakthrough change programs.

"An amazing experience. Very, very good feedback from our leaders."

Fortune 50 Tech Company

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Your 80-page guide to leading breakthrough projects and disruptive innovations in any field of human endeavor.


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Unlock Breakthroughs Through Strategic Innovation & Business Purpose

We leverage Breakthrough Biodynamics™ to ensure organizations fit the future with breakthrough strategies and don’t fail it by using old thinking and models. We help companies unite their entire team through co-creating a compelling purpose. Join organizations ranging from Unilever, Diageo and P&G to Disney, BBC, Microsoft and Vodafone; from Oxfam, WWF and Green Building Council to Lendlease and Shell.

Next-Level Leadership Development Curriculum for Breakthrough Impact

A complete Breakthrough Curriculum that we customize to fit your needs. This is not conventional management training but leadership tools, approaches and thinking that ensure leaders can drive continuous breakthroughs in products, processes and performance.

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"At the forefront of thinking about creativity and leadership."

European Commission

Breakthrough Sprint Programs

We drive cross-functional teams towards a major business breakthrough whilst enhancing the team dynamics and leadership skills necessary to deliver this breakthrough into the world effectively


"Extraordinary creativity and thought leadership in all things to do with innovation."

Chief Marketing Officer, Diageo

Breakthrough Leadership Accelerator Programs


We run programs that accelerate individual leaders across and organization towards a major business breakthrough in their sphere of influence whilst building breakthrough leadership skills and qualities that ensure they can influence the company and the market to make it happen.

"Played a crucial role in helping us develop the most successful TV show of all time."

Chief Creative Officer, Major Broadcaster

Breakthrough Change Management & Business Transformation


Using cutting-edge human development and systemic change tools and techniques, we help you build a company culture that fits the 21st Century: Agile. Adaptive. Creative. Collaborative. Empowered.

"Crucial in ensuring our business transformation program landed in the hearts and minds of the team."

Chief Creative Officer, Top 3 Global FMGC Company

Cutting-Edge Keynotes: Big Ideas. Breakthrough Results.

Join Unilever, Nike, No.10 Downing Street, Yale University, NHS, Fujitsu, The Economist, The Royal Bank of Scotland, The European Parliament, Aspen Ideas Festival, TEDx and many more to unleash breakthroughs in your audience with Nick Seneca Jankel.

"Nick Jankel uses his unique voice & powerful insights to inspire wonder in work & play. As an innovation guru, his ideas are relevant to the newest startups and oldest public companies."

Special Advisor to President of the United States

Breakthrough Teams: Exponential Results From The Inside Out

We create interventions and systems that ensure creativity and collaboration flow.

"Very relevant to our values and purpose and highlighted the importance of creativity within the working environment."


Create Leaders At Every Level With Our Personal Leadership System

Our pioneering Personal Leadership System, underpinned by the rigor of Breakthrough Biodynamics™, empowers and energizes junior leaders and managers to break through anything.

Download a sample of the Personal Leadership System to see how it works.

"The system has had the most profound effect on me and my life. I am astounded at the speed of change within myself."

Executive, National Health Service

Innovative Methodologies To Amplify & Accelerate Breakthroughs

Innovators ourselves, we have developed multiple breakthroughs in training methodologies and approaches that seek to optimize the impact of leadership work and coaching across the org and into the world.

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